About me and this site

The who

“Just the fact’s m’aam” : Check the social profiles for the basics.

Not a lot that I want to add to what’s already out there. I’m just this guy.*you know?

The why

Honestly, a combination of wanting to mess around with various site generators and “modern” web development and wanting to preserve some of those random passing internal conversations and discourses I have and then just *poof* they evaporate as the day marches on.
Funny how that happens, particularly with those “deep” thoughts that always seem to happen while showering. Let’s call that the musings category.

Of course, life happens, so occasionally I want to rant about something (and on occasion, perhaps even rave about something).

As for other matters, well, guess we’ll see. There’ll be tech stuff as I deal with it, and lately it seems like my musings have been about AI and ASI implications, as well as neuroscience and the future of life and minds, so I’m sure those topics will make appearances.

The how

The site was initially built using Hugo. I’ll try to remember to update this if it changes. There are posts about the details of why Hugo and how things were put together.