laundry list of niggles, big and small

2 minute read


Site plumbing

  • fix CI for gitlab vs. netlify
  • create a preview workflow for deployed content, not just hugo server (netlify git branch support or deploy preview feature - gitlab equiv?)
  • rss setup properly?
  • [-] site search (via Google) broken: fix [fixed but still consider] or do differently, static… at least look at css integration similar to google powered search at
  • analytics
  • base url for netlify deploy vs config.toml

External (or not) services, additions

  • Disqus fix - “unable to load” (also, improve js variable use so comment threads don’t proliferate across gitlab/selfserve/netlify, and http vs. https URL variants
    • issue was a relative url for the disqus_url js variable. Base url being set fully would fix it, but doesn’t fix deployment under multiple sites causing independent threads, so need to consider best way to fully fix - for now, baseURL is set and the main site is good, plus gitlab version still seems to pull from same comment threads, so maybe a non issue.
  • [-] check netlify cms progress
    • looked at their linked demo - looks early still, but maybe it doesn’t reflect their actual progress
  • integrate, eval
  • keep researching and trying 100% client side edit/cms type options
  • create a tag footer display like category footer
  • [-] check font, try options
    • Is the same font as used in the HTML5UP theme - the color is full black whereas the base theme was grayer. Have some other fonts to try still.
  • continue fixing remaining URL assumption issues
  • category/tag - the age old do I need both? Nesting? Kind of would like a category landing page with a templated description
  • series in taxonomy to create ordered groups of related posts
  • whitespace/margins around list items - seems a little excessive to me. Would like to see them closer together [update: theme whitespace tweaked - will see how this feels for a while]
  • post ordering - isn’t sorting by date / reverse date, maybe mod time on file timestamp?
  • links in the theme seem to break out of https -> http.
    • it’s doing what it’s told - consider using RelPermalink instead of Permalink, etc.?

… and stuff

  • post scheduling and ordering and the whole concept. Truth is, I don’t care very much about the blog aspect, so much as the wiki/collected, linked thoughts aspect. The blog part is little more than a recent changes callout type feature to me. That said, the more ephemeral and random thoughts type stuff definitely fits in more of a blog format.
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