The problem with calling it AI

I have an issue with the term Artificial Intelligence.

2 minute read

Calling an intelligence that happens to not be human, not be “nature made” intelligence an “artificial intelligence” is a fundamental problem for me. In my opinion, the term Artificial Intelligence carries a lot of baggage.
I feel like it is used with an implicit, automatic meaning attached that any AI must by definition be different, probably lesser, not “human”, not real.

How it starts

thoughts on how the first ASI ramps up

4 minute read

How does the first Artificial Super Intelligence happen? I’ve wondered what sort of scenarios might play out that create an intelligence that goes beyond human in most or all respects, or perhaps instead far, far beyond in fewer respects.

Don't anthropomorphize AI's

(they hate that)

2 minute read

AI does not equal robots

Have you noticed how many movies and shows equate AI with robot bodies? And typically, though not always, they are anthropomorphic and self-contained bodies.