don't look at me, I don't know...

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Oh, hey. Didn’t expect anyone.
Oh yeah, first post and all.

So look, I’m jotting down things sometimes, as I think of them. I’m just a guy, not an expert about, well, pretty much anything. I mean, I’ve read a lot, but many have read more. I tend to soak up a lot of knowledge - but I’m sure some of it is wrong, even if I correctly understood it. Bottom line, this is just me talking. Take it with a lump of salt. But maybe it’ll make you think too, or you’ll find something useful.

That’d be cool.

What’ll I be talking about? Well, I don’t know. Since it’s fresh on my mind, I’m sure early on there will be a lot about the details of the site itself and my experiences with Hugo (and whatever else I try), hosting, etc. But past that, mostly just random thoughts and experiences. See /about/ for more.

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