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What I really, really want

is a static wiki/blog/sitegen with a 100% client side edit capability (with wysiwyg and preview capability) pushing to a git (etc.) backend which triggers the (fast) regen and new live static site. The site should use OAuth2, etc. to allow a sign in and conditionally enable the edit/history/etc. buttons one might expect to see in a wiki or CMS and allow the client side JS to perform the appropriate VC operations to manage the site.

Other items:

I’m wordy, and tend to think with lots of recursions, side chains of thought, etc. While I certainly need to get better at formulating coherent thoughts that communicate clearly with those I’m trying to talk to, I’d also still like to put in my asides in a way that preserves where they are thought yet doesn’t intrude in the main thread of meaning. I really like the xkcd footnote number type things that pop up a small panel with the note on it when you click (or touch) them, then go away when you click anywhere else.

Part of the attraction to wiki’s is the wikiLink syntax and automatic page stubs / page generation, so the client side edit capability should go hand in hand with the site generator parsing wikilink type links with a fast & easy syntax, and generating a stub page. Alternately, the 404 type page could be passed enough information to act as a stub page with a create call out for the client side capability (if user is authenticated or chooses to authenticate on that page via OAuth, etc. type client handled authentication through a trusted 3rd party mechanism like Github/lab, Google, etc.)

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